Did you know you can do this in autocad?

Originally this website was created to inform colleagues about new AutoCAD developments they should know about. By showing videos, users could learn about commands on a moment of their choice.

UrbanLISP is not just an app store. You can see how the commands work, the effect changed parameters have on the outcome or how combinations of commands lead to a cool result. So instead of just purchasing a plug-in on a website, UrbanLISP is a guide for those who want to improve their AutoCAD skills. The educational approach is an important part of this website. That's the reason why UrbanLISP commands are offered here and not somewhere else. Once you start to use UrbanLISP commands you will get used to the look and feel of the commands as the commands are programmed in similar ways. When you purchase a command here you know what you can expect.
Besides a similar look and feel the relation between commands is an important part of this app store. On every command page you can see a selection of related commands. If you like a command you can click to another which might also be interesting for you.
To increase the learning experience we chose for a clean design with only the necessary information in sight. With some subtle buttons you can find more information, but only if you want. On this website you should be able to focus, learn and find what you want right away. And what's more annoying than a blinking banner trying to sell you something which has no relation to AutoCAD?

We hope you appreciate this website and support it by purchasing the apps. It would help to keep the website banner free. You can share your favorite apps on Facebook and Twitter with the buttons on the website. Share a command from the social download category and you'll be rewarded with a trial version of the command you shared. Just to try it out. And sharing a good way to teach your fellow CAD users in the process. So pick a command and tell your followers:

"Did you know you can do this in AutoCAD..."