Did you know you can do this in autocad?

Why are the presets of the command different then the presets in the video?
This could have two reasons. When starting, the command checks the drawing units you are using and uses it to create the presets. It could be your drawing has different drawing units then the drawing in the video. As commands are being updated, it could also be the presets are changed to more convenient values.

Do I need a licensed version of AutoCAD?
No, you don't. In the requirements section you can read what you need. UrbanLISP commands don't check if you are using a legal version of AutoCAD. Illegal versions may be instable though so it's advised to use a licensed version.

The command I use reports a problem. What should I do?
Every command uses variables. Some more than others. A great deal of attention is spend on preventing users to enter values for parameters which causes problems. It might happen though some variables are causing a problem. By re-opening the drawing you are in you reset the parameters of the command which most likely solves the issue. If the problem persists, please report it.