Did you know you can do this in autocad?

UrbanLISP commands are inspired on projects in landscape architecture and urban design. In a command a task is reduced to algorithms. When you break it down those tasks aren't all that different from profession to profession. So even though UrbanLISP is showing examples in landscape architecture and urban design, the commands can be easily use in other professions as well.

Of course there are always very specific requirements. Perhaps you've seen an UrbanLISP command that comes close to what you want to do but not quit yet. Or maybe you need to do something that is very specific to a project you are working on. Or maybe you have an idea that you've seen nowhere at all yet.

Coding opens up virtually endless possibilities waiting to be explored. So if you have an idea for whatever reason, don't hesitate to share it! The best ideas get realised. Do you already have an idea or want to know more, fill out the contact form and send it!