Did you know you can do this in autocad?

UrbanLISP is a private initiative not affiliated with Autodesk, the producer of AutoCAD. UrbanLISP is created to inspire AutoCAD users, since you are reading this, it's created to inspire you. AutoCAD is a very extensive program and even common users often know just the tip of the iceberg. So some guidance to discover the rest of the iceberg can be very helpful. AutoCAD supports several program languages amongst which are LISP and Visual LISP. They are the prime program languages used for the apps at UrbanLISP. With those apps you can extend AutoCAD.

The apps are inspired on projects in urban design, landscape architecture, industrial design and architecture. In other words, projects in urban context. Projects which go from smal details to strategies for a tristate area. With every app comes a video, showing either a conceptual or practical example from a project in urban context. AutoCAD is used in many different professions. Nonetheless everybody knows what a tree, a house or grass is. That's why the examples in the videos are easy to understand. If you are not a designer or working in the fields mentioned before, don't worry. The profession may be different, the tasks we all need to do, and therefor the algorithms, are similar. It's up to you to take that inspiration to your profession.

Whether you are a pro or a student, an electrician or an architect, need to do calculations or a conceptual design, on a small or a large scale, you will find something useful in the UrbanLISP app store. But more important, we hope you'll get inspired. After all, it doesn't matter what we need to do, it's much easier to get something done with some inspiration. It may even become fun! So stop working in AutoCAD, start playing.