Did you know you can do this in autocad?

To be sure you can run UrbanLISP commands you need to check if you have a CAD program that:

- supports LISP program language
- supports VisualLISP program language
- is able to load files with .fas extension


CAD programs not produced by Autodesk may support LISP and even VisualLISP but may not be able to load .fas files. Be aware, if you are running an Autodesk produced CAD program it doesn't mean you will be able to load the commands. AutoCAD for Mac doesn't support VisualLISP. VisualLISP was integrated in Windows versions of AutoCAD 2000 and higher. Earlier versions will not be able to run UrbanLISP commands. AutoCAD Lt versions also don't support the loading of customization files by default. It's not necessary to have a licensed version of AutoCAD. You can check with the command overview of a command to see if there's any additional suitability information for that particular command.

It's advised to run a licensed Autodesk AutoCAD (version 2000 or higher) with english language pack.