Did you know you can do this in autocad?


In 2006 I started working at an office for urban design and landscape architecture. The office does projects virtually all over the world varying in sizes, from something as small as a lamp to visions on areas which cover a a few american states. The products vary from conceptual design to construction drawings and everything in between. Despite this wide variety of projects and products, all projects have one thing in common: the end product has to look awesome.

Over the years I created many plan drawings and related products for urban designs. Although I use several computer programs, AutoCAD is the base program. As I work with AutoCAD on a daily bases I felt the need to customise it. I started researching LISP programming and managed to master it. The first commands were fairly basic but over time they got more and more elaborate, resulting in an ever growing arsenal of AutoCAD commands. To me these commands are vital. When creating a plan drawing for a project covering 50 something hectares you can't draw every single tree by hand.
As I wasn't the only person creating designs for large scale plans I figured it would be good so share my arsenal with my colleagues. I decided to create video demonstrations to inform and tutor, so they could study on a moment on which it was most convenient for them. And it saved me telling the same story over and over again. UrbanLISP was born. Since the commands are used office wide I spend a great deal of attention to streamline and debug the commands. After all, a little mistake in a calculation for an urban design can cause a few million euros or dollars difference. Which can lead to very uncomfortable situations.

The commands you can find in this app store are a selection of the finest and most elaborate commands I've created. If a command doesn't have a nice edge to it, something sophisticated, it will not end up in the app store. That way I hope to maintain a cutting edge selection of AutoCAD commands. New commands should be added frequently, so keep an eye on the website or follow UrbanLISP on Facebook or Twitter. I hope you will enjoy...