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My Favorites

In this section you can find your personal selection of commands and strategies you like. As you are reading this text it means you didn't add any command or strategy yet.

Why should you favorite commands?

Your personal category
The first reason why you could favorite commands is to create your personal selection. The UrbanLISP app store contains a growing amount of categorised commands. It's impossible to remember them all at once. By favoriting commands you can see which ones you already checked and liked. You are basically creating your own personal category.

Create your own help menu
Perhaps you are working for a company which has installed all UrbanLISP commands for you. In that case you can use the UrbanLISP app store as an online manual. Favoriting commands will be similar to using bookmarks. That way you can find them quickly so you can study them when you need to.

Use it as a shopping cart
You can download the command you like right away. You can also download all commands at ones. Or you can use my favorites as a shopping cart. Browse through the website and favorite the ones you want to download. When you are done you can go to 'My favorites' and download all your favorites at once.