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Waves In Elevation

Sometimes you may need to draw a section which contains water. There are various ways to represent water but the 'Waves In Elevation' command allows you to add a playful touch to your section by adding waves. Because water in a canal or lake has one level you have select a line that represents that level. A polyline will not work as it has several segments that may not be collinear and thus not suitable to represent a water level. After you selected the lines you can change the settings. You can specify the height of the waves. You have to enter a minimum and maximum height. The bigger the difference the wilder the waves will look. Besides the height you can also set the distance. The distance determines the horizontal space between the top of a wave and the base. Also for the distance you have to set a minimum and a maximum, and also in this case the bigger the difference the wilder the waves. You can also set the same value for both the minimum and the maximum for both the height and the distance. That way you will get a very iconic series of waves. Besides the dimensions you can also set a direction, in case you want to show the water is moving in a certain direction. When you confirmed the settings the command will draw a polyline line with waves on the lines you selected.

Command summery

Applies to:
Draws a polyline with wave pattern on selected lines
line, wave, polyline, height, distance, direction, left, right,
Elevations, patterns, randomisers
No additional suitability information
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- If the waves appear below the line you selected you can either use REVERSE, a native AutoCAD command, on that line or redraw the from left to right and run the command again.

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