1. The commands are valid until 28.08.2025
The expiration date is bi-annually. This means you are able to use the commands you've purchased for at least one year after purchasing. The free Social Downloads are valid for a few months.

2. UrbanLISP should work on your system, there's no guarantee they will.
UrbanLISP commands use LISP and Visual LISP and are offered as fast load AutoLISP files, files with a .fas extension. It's your responsibility to check if your CAD program can run UrbanLISP commands. Further details can be checked in the requirements section in the information menu.

3. The command may work different than demonstrated in the video.
UrbanLISP commands are often improved, updated an revised. That means the command could work different than demonstrated in the video. The commands are provided 'as is'. For further please read the disclaimer.

4. UrbanLISP commands should lead to expected results, there's no guarantee they will.
AutoCAD behaviour can be affected by hardware, the operating system, other software and add ons. UrbanLISP commands are tested before they're being offered but hardware, software or settings may have a bad affect on the result. Inside AutoCAD there are many program settings or system variables. The commands are designed to, where necessary, keep account with these settings. There might be system variables that are not considered and have effect on the result.

5. The user of an UrbanLISP command is responsible for the results.
The result of an UrbanLISP command is affected by the input. The better organised the drawing is the more likely the command will have a desired effect. You are advised to check the results, specifically with commands which have an calculation as a result.

6. There are no free and automatic updates.
UrbanLISP commands are often improved, updated an revised. When purchasing an UrbanLISP command you are able to download the version of that moment. If a command is updated with a feature of your liking you will have to re-purchase the command. For information on updates please check the development log at each command.

7. There are no refunds, invoices or receipts.
Once you purchased the commands there are no refunds. If you experience a problem it is greatly appreciated you report the problem as it is useful information to improve the commands. If a programming error is found due to your feedback you will receive a new file in which the problem is resolved. You will not receive an overview such as an invoice or receipt of the purchase.

8. Lost files will not be replaced.
Every time you want to use an UrbanLISP command the .fas file needs to be loaded into AutoCAD. Therefor the .fas files needs to be available. The downloader is responsible for the storage and back up of the .fas files. It's advised not to save the .fas files in the AutoCAD settings folder. During de-installation or re-installation of AutoCAD the files may get lost in the process. In case of loss of the files the downloader has to re-purchase the files.

9. The user is responsible for loss of data.
UrbanLISP commands are created to do many actions at once based on an input. If the input is too big AutoCAD may crash, depending on the capacity of your system. Any loss of data during the usage of an UrbanLISP command is for the responsibility of the user.

10. The commands are programmed in english.
AutoCAD supports several languages. UrbanLISP commands don't respond to the language of your AutoCAD, the will stay english. Most commands should work in versions of AutoCAD other than english. There are some which may be affected. In the additional information you can find if the command could be affected by the language.