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Scale Gradient

You can change the scale of blocks. With 'Scale Gradient' you can scale blocks based on their position. There are two methods to scale the blocks, radial or path. For both methods you can set the order, the scale factor and the offset. If you use the radial method you have to pick two points. The first point is the source, the second point defines the edge. The order determines how the blocks are scaled. If you set the order to maximum at source all blocks within the offset distance from the source point will be scaled with the maximum scale. Blocks between the offset distance and the edge are scaled based on their position. The closer the entity is to the source point the bigger the scale will be. The closer the block is to the edge the smaller it will be. All blocks outside of the edge will be scaled with the minimum scale. The scale factor defines the minimum and maximum scale. If you change the order to minimum blocks within the offset distance will be scaled minimum and outside of the edge maximum. You can also choose the path method and select linear entities instead of picking points. In that case you don't have to pick a point to define the edge but you can define a distance. Again all blocks within the offset distance from the source, the entity, will be scaled maximum. All blocks outside of the edge are scaled minimum. The closer the block is at the path the bigger it will be. Again, with the order you can reverse this so minimum scaled blocks are at the path and maximum scaled blocks outside of the edge.

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Apply a scale to blocks based on the position of the block
gradient, path, scale
Blocks, modifiers
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