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Erase Gradient

'Erase Gradient' is basically a selection tool. With this tool you can create a gradient of objects. You can make a gradient by picking points or selecting objects. Either way you define a source and an edge. Based on that information you can create an island or a gap. For example you want to create an island of entities by picking point. First you make a selection of points, circles and/or blocks. When you confirmed the selection you can pick two points. The first point is the source, the second point defines the edge. All entities within the offset distance from the source point will be preserved. Points between the offset distance and the edge are colored red. The closer the entity is to the source point the more likely it will not be colored. The closer the entity is to the edge the more likely it will be colored red. All entities outside of the edge will be colored red. If you want the command will erase the objects from your drawing straight away. You can also choose to preserve them. The entities will not be erased but they will stay red so you can change the selection by coloring other objects. You can also choose the path method and select linear entities instead of picking points. In that case all entities within the offset distance from the entity will be preserved. Instead of picking a second point a distance you set will define if objects are preserved or erased. Again, the closer the entities are to the source, a linear entity, the more likely it is they will be preserved. When you are creating a gap, all entities within the offset distance will be erased and all entities outside the edge will be preserved.

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Applies to:
points, circles, blocks
Create a selection based on entity positions to erase from drawing
erase, delete, position, offset, distance, select, color, colour
Blocks, randomisers
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