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Grass in Elevation

There is a wide variety of blocks which you can use to represent grass in your drawing. Unfortunately using a block means you will have to copy it a few times if the block is too small or that you have to explode it or xclip it to make it smaller in order to match the space you have where it should go in your drawing. Placing these blocks on curved linear entities is even a bigger challenge. With 'Grass In Elevation' you don't have to worry about this anymore. When you start the command you will have to select linear entities. These entities define the position of the grass. After selecting the entities you have a lot of options to define the character of the grass. Of course you can define the height of the grass. The 'ratio' defines the density of the grass. The higher the ratio, the more denser the grass will be. Grass on the green of a golf course is very well maintained, grass in a forrest field is much less well maintained. The 'angle' option can help you to show that level of maintenance. The greater the angle the wilder the grass will look. As grass is very flexible it can wave in the wind. By default the command will place grass pointing in both directions. With 'side' you can let the grass point to a specific side so it looks like it's waving in the wind. With 'detail' you can define how a straw is created. If you are creating an elevation of a building for instance you don't need to create very detailed grass. If you are creating a detail of a paving edge you might want to add more detailed grass. It doesn't really matter how you want to create grass, the command allows you to adjust it to match your preferences. You can also change those preferences if the grass is getting too heavy for your drawing.

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Applies to:
polylines, ellipses, splines, lines, arcs
Create a grass shaped pattern on selected entities
baseline, detail, direction, elevation, grass, multiple, preset, section
Elevations, patterns
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