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Dimension LEvel

When drawing sections or elevations it's common to place levels in the drawing. With the 'Dimension Level' command it's very easy. All you have to do is select a line that serves as reference for the base level. By default the level of the baseline is considered to be on 0 but you can define a specific value for it. After selecting the baseline you only have to click the positions where you want to place a level. The level is placed with a multileader so you can adjust the textheight, arrows and so on even after placing them by adjusting the multileader style. In the 'Dimension Level' command itself you can adjust the angle of the leaders and the length. You can even adjust both live with the manual option. In that case you need to pick two points for each leader; the base point and the text point. The command will color the leaders green that are above the reference line, leaders below will be colored red. If red leaders are placed above the reference line you can enable the Flip feature and the command will switch the sides. When you exit the command all leaders will be colored by layer. You can set the precision by changing the amount of decimals.

Command summery

Applies to:
Places multileaders by picking points with the level related to selected line
level, dimension, multileader, baseline, flip, angle, length, decimals, manual, label
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Development Log

March 2021
-You can now mirror, shorten or extend the last placed leader while using the command just by hitting the corresponding letter on your keyboard. That way you can prevent overlapping leaders.

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