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Tangent Arc from Linear

When using fillet you can draw an arc between two linear entities, let's say two lines. The new arc is exactly tangent to the two lines used for filleting. For using fillet you need two linear entities. With the 'Tangent Arc from Linear' command you only have to select one linear entity. After selecting it an arc will appear at the nearest endpoint. The arc will follow the cursor until you pick a point. At that moment the arc will be fixed. It's possible to fixate the radius of the arc. In that case the movement of the cursor will determine the length of the arc. You can also set a specific radius. The command will make a suggestion of the radius based on the radius of the arc at that moment. After determining the radius the cursor will define the length of the arc again. The new arc will always be exactly tangent to the endpoint of the selected linear entity allowing you to create perfectly flowing linear entities.

Command summery

Applies to:
polylines, ellipses, splines, lines, arcs
Draws a tangent arc from selected linear entity
tangent, arc, select, linear, flow,
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Development Log

November 2016
The command by default takes the closest end of the selected linear entity but you can now select a point on or along the linear entity to place a tangent arc somewhere else. With the Flip option you can turn the arc in the other direction.

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