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Regular Stretcher Bond

Stretcher bond patterns are often applied to paths. With 'Regular Stretcher Bond' you can create such a pattern around linear entities. You have complete control over the dimensions of the pattern. The offset determines how far the pattern should be continued around the linear entity. It basically determines how wide the path should be. The path is build up out of strips of elements. You can specify how wide such a strip should be chancing the division. By chancing the element you can change the size of elements in a strip. You can also choose to create a pattern on just one side of the linear element. The pattern start with a full element but it's also possible to start with half an element. Depending on the offset there will be a distance remaining. If you wish to create this fraction of an element on the other side you can activate the invert option and the pattern will be created the other way around. With the preset option it's easy to change the division and element values to standard values. This way it's easy to create a stretcher bond pattern with any size element which even follows curves.

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Applies to:
polylines, circles, ellipses, splines, lines, arcs
Create a stretcher bond pattern around selected linear entities
pattern, line, polyline, boundary, offset, distance, element, group,
Drafters, patterns
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- In the main menu choose to place polylines instead of lines. When the command is done apply 'Offset Multiple to the Inside' and create a small offset to show joints between the elements.

Development Log

March 2016
- You can now also choose to place closed polylines instead of lines

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