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Quick Hatch Pie chart

Depending on the way a hatch is created the hatch has an area. Those areas are useful to quantify your drawing. The plain numbers may be a bit boring however. With 'Quick Hatch Pie chart' you can take those areas and present them in a graphic way. The command will consider all hatches in the model space which are on a layer that is on and not frozen. It will analyse all hatches based on their properties. The sum of the areas of the hatches with the same properties will be used for the pie chart. By default the angle of the pie points will be relative to the cumulative area of the hatches. You can also relate the areas to an object, for instance a plan boundary. In that case the command will add an empty pie point which represents the remaining area. If a relative angle isn't spectacular enough you can also make the radius relative. In that case the pie points will have equal angles and a radius which is related to the areas. The pie chart shows the data that is used. You can choose to show the absolute values or the percentages. The command uses the layer name as a label for the pie point. You can also export the data that is used to Excel.

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Create a pie chart based on hatch data
chart, type, data, radial, angular, percentage, area, relate, isolate,
Calculators, data is beautiful, extractors, urban legends
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