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Beam & Knot Inventory

The 'Beam Knot Inventory' command was created to realise a pedestrian bridge in Wenduine, Belgium. In the design both sides of the bridge have several layers of wooden beams. The beams are placed in various angle, have a variety of widths and lengths. Where the beams cross each other a bolt keeps them in place. In order to realise the bridge an overview had to be created. The overview had to contain all the beams with the exact position of the bolt. With the command you can select polylines, the outline of the beams, and points, the position of the bolts. To track back where the beams have to go and which gap is required for which bolt both the beams and knots are given a code. The code contains a letter, defined by the user which, which represents the part of the bridge. For beams the code starts with a letter representing the layer in which the beam is placed and for the knots the code starts with KN. The command labels the knots in the drawing. But more important, it creates an overview of all the beams, with the position of the gaps, the length and the width. This inventory list was used to prefabricate all the beams and to place them in the right position. This command was specifically created for the Wenduine project and is presented on this website to show you the possibilities of AutoCAD.

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Applies to:
polylines, points
Add coding and a data overview to a drawing
axis, beam, bridge, code, knot, label
Calculators, excel, extractors, project based
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