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Displace Random

It's very easy to create a perfect grid of entities. It's a lot more work to create chaos. With 'Displace Random' you can create chaos easily. You can select circles, lines, arcs, points, mtext, text, polylines and blocks. After you made a selection you can determine in which direction the entities have to be replaced. If you only enable the X direction the entities will be replaced only in that direction. If you only enable the Y direction the command will replace the entities only in the Y direction. When you enable both the X and Y direction the entities can be replaced in any direction. If you enable the Z direction the entities can even replaced up or down. Which ever direction you enable the replacement will always be within the distance you specify. If you use the min & max method, you can specify a minimum and a maximum. For every replacement a distance between these values will be used. You can also add an increment. Or you can use the list method. In that case you can create a list of possible distances. For every replacement a distance is randomly picked from this list.

Command summery

Applies to:
Move selected entities to a randomly picked new position
replace, move, position, reposition, distance, range
Blocks, randomisers
No additional suitability information
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Development Log

September 2014
- You can now select any kind of entity.

Known issues

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