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Every time you add a block to your drawing you have to pick a point to place it. With the 'Spray' command you can also pick points. In this case the command will add a group of blocks around that point. Be setting the width you can specify the maximum distance a block can be placed from the point you pick. The command will pick a random position around the point you pick. To prevent cluttered blocks you can specify a distance. With this distance you know for sure the blocks you are placing will have at least that distance between each other. The position is not the only thing that is random. You set two values for the quantity. If they are the same the command will add that amount of blocks to your drawing. If they are different however the command will use those values as a minimum and a maximum. Every time you click the command will randomly pick a value between those values and will add that amount of blocks around the point you picked. Every time you click all blocks around that point will be grouped.

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Applies to:
Place blocks around picked points
click, place, spray, tree
Inserters, randomisers
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Development Log

September 2023
The exchanged blocks will now also adopt the layer on which you placed the sample blocks.
You can now check a new configuration simply left clicking the mouse. If you want to exit the command just click the right button.
June 2016
In live mode you can now see the cluster of blocks that you are going to place! The blocks will appear around the crosshairs and move along with it. When you click the blocks will be placed and a new cluster appears around the crosshairs waiting to be placed. If you don't like the cluster you can hit 'N' for next and a new cluster appears. The blocks in a cluster respect the relative distance between the blocks. When you place the blocks the relative distance to blocks that are already placed will not be checked. That's why you can choose for classic mode. In that mode the command will consider the relative distances between all the blocks you place in one go. That is particularly useful when you want to fill up an area with blocks rather than create clusters of blocks. In the classic mode you can still snap to points, in live mode that isn't possible.
April 2014
When you are placing blocks you can hit undo to remove the last group of blocks you placed.
Februari 2014
The blocks you place will now be on the layer of the source blocks you selected.

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