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If you are creating a plan drawing which involves slopes you might want to add slope lines. This is a pattern of lines going from the top edge to the bottom edge in which every second line is half as long as the previous. With the 'Slope' command it's easy to add such a pattern. Just select a linear entity for the top and a linear entity for the bottom and the command will place the lines straight away. You can specify the distance which is the distance between two lines. You can decide where that distance should be applied, at the top or bottom. Be default the distance is applied to the bottom but if the lines cross each other you might want to apply the distance to the bottom. You can also change the orientation. The lines are perpendicular to either the top or bottom, it's up to you to which side. The ratio is set to two by default. In that case every second line is half as long as the full lines. If you change the ratio to 3 every second line will be a third of the length of full lines. By default the lines will be grouped.

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Applies to:
polylines, circles, ellipses, splines, lines, arcs
Create a line pattern between selected linear entities
distance, lines, ratio, slope
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Development Log

January 2023
A skip option was added. By setting an odd number for the Skip value you set the amount of lines the command should not draw. If you set a skip value you also have to set a draw value which is the amount of lines the command should draw. The result will be a rhythm of x amount of drawn lines followed by a gap of y amount non-drawn lines. If you set skip to 0 no lines will be skipped.

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