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rHythmic Running Bond

AutoCAD provides several hatches that allow you to draw paving patterns. Apart from the scale there is little control over the dimensions and when it comes to curves the hatches are quite useless. With the 'rHythmic Running Bond' command you can select any curving linear entity and place a rhythmic pattern along it. With the offset setting you can determine how wide the pattern should be and by changing the division and element values you can control the dimensions of the pattern. With the vary and alternate options you can control how the pattern behaves. By default the command will draw a pattern of lines but you can toggle it to create polylines. With the side option you can control on which side of the selected linear entity the command draws the pattern. If you want the command can group the entities of a pattern. Just be careful not to crash the drawing, the amount of entities in the pattern can get quite large.

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Applies to:
line, arc, polyline, circle, spline, ellipse
Places a rhythmic running bond pattern on linear entities
rhythmic, running, bond, pattern, vary, side, alternate, offset, division, element, group, randomize, boundary, entity, type, line, polyline
Drafters, patterns
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