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Offset Both sides RAndom

Offset is a useful command in AutoCAD. When you have a number of linear entities you want to offset it's convenient though you can select multiple entities. With the 'Offset Both sides Random' command you can do just that. The command will apply a random distance. With the 'Min & max' method you can set a minimum and maximum between which the command will pick a value, with the 'List' method you can set a number of values from which the command will choose a value. The command can place the new entities on a layer you choose. By default the command will choose a random distance with each offset. With the 'equal' option you can let the command apply the same value to offsets. You can let it either use the some value for both the inside as outside offset with each linear entity or you let the command use the same value for all the offsets made to the inside and the same value for all the offsets made to the outside. With the Erase option the command will erase the original selected entities.

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Applies to:
line, arc, polyline, circle, spline, ellipse
Offsets linear entities to boths sides with a random distance
offset, closed, polyline, line, arc, layer, erase, distance, equal, min, max, list, method, increment
Drafters, randomisers
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