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Prepare for ReVit

Although both Autodesk programs, AutoCAD and Revit treat entity types and information differently. It's common though to develop drawings in AutoCAD and then base a Revit model on those drawings. Since both programs treat certain entities differently it helps to prepare the AutoCAD file before importing or linking it in Revit. The 'Prepare for ReVit' command can do it for you. There are several actions you can choose from:
- layers with linetypes
o make continuous
o erase
o stay as is
- hatches
o convert to solid
o erase non-solid
o erase all
o keep as is
- external references
o bind all
o detach all
o bind loaded, detach unloaded
- layers that are turned of
o turn on
o erase
o stay off
- layers that are frozen
o thaw
o erase
o stay frozen
- set properties by layer
o set color by layer or not
o set linetype by layer or not
o set lineweight by layer or not
- set drawing units to specific units
- mark position with coordinates or not
- set object linetypes to continuous or not

Apart from these optional actions the command will always:
- set current layer to "0"
- erase all layouts
- detach unreferenced external references
- explode all blocks
- detach images
- detach pdf's
- move the drawing contents to 0,0
- purge
- zoom to extents

These actions should make the AutoCAD more manageable in Revit. Unnecessary information is eliminated and the drawing should appear better in Revit. Since the command is fundamentally changing the drawing it is recommended you keep the original file as untouched and save a copy on which 'Prepare for ReVit' can be applied. The options above can be set through a dialogue box when the CMDDIA system variable is set to 1.

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Applies to:
Prepares the AutoCAD drawing for import or link into Revit
Revit, linetype, off, frozen, hatche, external reference, xref, detach, erase, bylayer, color, lineweight, position, drawing, units
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