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Text On Linear

With the TEXT and MTEXT command AutoCAD provides two basic commands to place text. When you want to road names on curving roads however those commands may not suffice. With the 'Text On Linear' command you can place text on any linear entity. First enter the text you want to place and then select the linear entity you want to place it on. As soon as the linear entity is selected the text appears. By moving the crosshairs you can position the text where you want to have it placed on the line. With the Align option you can either align the text to the linear entity or to the world coordinates. With Distance you can control the spacing between the individual letters. Textheight allows you to adjust the size of the text. By default the text is placed on the linear entity but with justification you place the text above or below the linear entity as well. If the text is upside-down you can correct it with the Flip feature. With the Start distance you can enter an exact value to place the text. Otherwise it's just a matter of picking a point to fix the position of the text and finish the command.

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Applies to:
line, arc, polyline, circle, spline, ellipse
Writes text on linear entity following the curves
align, justification, above, below, on, textheight, distance, flip,
No additional suitability information
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